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The Beautiful Flame: A Time-honored Craft, a Legacy of Taste

“The only way to stay true to tradition is knowing tradition.” -- Larry Cariglio


Verace Pizza Napoletana Association-Americas

Italians are passionate about Pizza Napoletana with its vivacious taste, smoky fragrance and light-as-air crust. As of 2004, the Italian government set strict guidelines to preserve the tradition of modern pizza, which was created as a tribute to Italy's Queen Margherita in Naples in 1889.


True Naples-style pizza requires a brick oven that burns wood (never gas, electricity or coal) to the high temperature of 900° F. Next comes pizza dough made from the finest flour, then rich, ripe tomatoes for a fresh sauce, which is never cooked -- and mozzarella stretched by hand.




Larry Cariglio was inspired by the purity of wood-fired pizza. He began a quest: to make pizza according to the time-honored traditions of Naples.


Larry traveled to New York City and Los Angeles to train with Pizza Napoletana experts. He went to Naples to study the craft and science of making dough at Antico Molino Caputo, makers of the world’s finest pizza flour.  

In 2009, Larry completed a course with Italy’s Verace Pizza Napoletana (V.P.N.) association, which preserves the highest standards of Naples-style pizza. He was awarded a coveted certificateEven after years of training, Larry realized that perfecting the craft of authentic Pizza Napoletana would take a lifetime. 


Larry and Antimo Caputo (right), president of Molino Caputo, in Naples